How good is your roofing contractor?

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Choosing a reputable roofing contractor


There are many aspects to analyze when preparing to have your roof repaired or replaced. The search for a roofing contractor can involve a complex decision-making process. Hiring a trusted and experienced roofing contractor can make this whole process easier.

So, how good is your roofing contractor?

  • Ask your family, friends and neighbors. If you are just starting your search for a good local roofing contractor, ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations and advice. Whether they have had positive or negative experiences with their roofers, you can distill the information you gather to help you make an informed decision that you’ll be happy with.
  • Ask for references. An extensive list of solid references says more than any website or phone call. People who have had firsthand experience with a roofer will give you a detailed and honest opinion. Ask previous customers about the overall experience they had with that particular roofer. If possible, ask them for pictures of their roof while the work was in progress. Make sure to also ask about how well their roofer cleaned up their yard and protected the plants and decorations around the house.
  • Read online reviews. Going beyond the rating in websites like Google and reading the actual reviews can give you a fairly clear picture of how good your roofing contractor is. Some reviews are more detailed than others and sometimes the rating is not a good enough indicator of a roofer’s quality. Read several reviews for each contractor to get a sense of their overall work. You can also get a sense of how experienced, how clean and how thorough a roofer is by reading what others are writing about them online. Taking a little time to research your roofer on the internet will give you confidence in your decision.
  • Ask specific questions. How many people are in your crew? What is your clean-up policy? What does your schedule look like? How booked are you right now? Are you a certified contractor by the shingle manufacturer company? What kind of warranty do you offer? Does the warranty cover materials and labor? How long will my new roof last? How many years have you been in business? Where are you headquartered?

Arroyo Roofing installs and applies manufacturers’ roofing materials the way they are intended to be installed. A hallmark of a good roofing contractor is having thorough knowledge and understanding of the materials they use and their proper installation practices. This is important for the integrity of your new roof and for the validity of the warranty of your roofing materials. Our expert roofing team is familiar with a wide variety of shingle brands, including Owens Corning, Malarkey, PABCO, GAF, CertainTeed and TAMKO. We have experience installing not only asphalt shingles, but also wood shakes and luxury roofing systems such as DaVinci Roofscapes and Ecostar.

Looking for a professional roofing contractor in Nebraska?  Contact Arroyo Roofing today!  Call us at  (402) 484-8140 or send us a message to set up an appointment for a FREE no obligation quote.

Arroyo Roofing 2017 BBB Integrity Award Winner

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Arroyo Roofing receives the BBB Integrity Award


Arroyo Roofing is honored to receive the 2017 BBB Integrity Award.  This recognition motivates us to hold on to our core values of honesty, respect and accountability, which are the basis of everything we do as a company. Integrity requires the discipline of being consistently fair, trustworthy and decent not only to customers, but also to employees and to our community. We are proud to be considered an example in this regard.

BBB’s Integrity Awards are designed to promote not only the importance of ethical practices, but the willingness and efforts made by outstanding organizations to ensure that our marketplace remains fair and honorable.

The Better Business Bureau ( conducted the annual award program to obtain public recognition for organizations committed to ethical business practices. Each year, applicants are selected to receive these awards through regional competitions.

The 2017 Award Winners were honored on Tuesday, October 10th 2017 for their unique contributions to business excellence in the Lincoln-Nebraska area at BBB’s 19th Annual Integrity Awards Luncheon. Winners were selected by an independent panel of judges representing both the business and academic communities of Lincoln.

BBB President and CEO Hegarty said, “BBB is pleased to honor these organizations. In today’s challenging economic climate and complex world, honesty and integrity are more important than ever. Integrity Award Winners represent what is best about businesses in this area. These organizations have solid business practices, based on a commitment to serve their customers with the highest standard of ethics. They have built successful companies because of the trust that has been established, and these Awards recognize their leadership in Lincoln-Nebraska”


After a damaging storm, insurance companies send out their adjusters and homeowners are told to find someone to replace their roof. However, that doesn’t mean that you as a homeowner should just choose the first contractor that shows up knocking at your door. Finding a contractor that is trustworthy, honest and professional may sound difficult. And with so many roofing companies showing out of nowhere as soon as hail hits town, some homeowners consider it the biggest obstacle in the way of getting their roof fixed. But it is not!

That’s where Arroyo Roofing comes into play… We are a local company that’s been in business for more than 34 years. And we are here to give you some useful tips when choosing your roofer after the next storm:

  • Find out if they are a local company. Before you hire a roofer, make sure that they have a permanent place of business. You don’t want to run the risk of hiring a fly-by-night contractor that might offer you a guarantee on their work, but will disappear as soon as they collect the money. If you have any issues such as leaks after the job is done, you don’t want to chase somebody living in a completely different state to get your roof fixed!
  • Verify the quality of their previous work. Feel free to ask your contractor for referrals from local customers and even suppliers. Any roofer that has been in business for a while will be able to give you addresses of houses that they have recently done so you can take a look at their work.
  • Research their Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. You can easily find a company’s rating, how long they have been in business and if they have any claims in the BBB website. It is also possible to call the BBB and ask for a report.
  • Don’t give in to pressure. Watch out for contractors that pressure you to sign a contract before you’ve gotten an estimate from your insurance adjuster. A reputable roofer will make sure that the insurance adjuster didn’t miss any storm damage on his inspection and will allow you to take your time to compare their bid against the items that the insurance company is including as part of the storm damage.
  • Ask about their schedule. Does the contractor actually have the capacity to get your roof done in a timely manner? Or are you going to be scheduled sometime next year? Before you write that down payment check to your roofer, make sure you have an approximate date (we know that Nebraskan weather is unpredictable!) for your project to be done.
  • Everything looks good? Now get a couple more bids. Find at least another reputable company that meets the above criteria and compare both estimates. However, don’t always go with the lowest bid! Remember that “you get what you paid for”. If someone offers you a price that’s significantly lower than their competitors, ask them how they managed to undercut other roofers by that much.

The bottom line is that picking the right roofer could potentially save you a lot of headaches in the future. Follow these basic tips and make sure you feel comfortable with the company that you’re hiring. Back and forth communication with your roofing contractor will ensure a successful repair for your roof.