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Roof Leaks

If you’ve ever had a roof leak, you KNOW it is NEVER a fun experience. Aside from the cost involved in repairing a leak, you may be faced with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as the “drip... drip...” from your roof leak(s) chips away at your sanity!

Even though many roof leaks are the result of serious damage from wind, rain, hail, or sun damage, every single roof has a life span which will inevitably run out. When that happens, the most important thing to do is to get the problem fixed quickly! Similar to the brake pads on your vehicle. The longer you wait to replace brake pads, the costlier your repair can be. And in the same way, a small leak can quickly transform itself into a massive problem. Problems from damaged insulation, black mold, and mildew, to reduced energy efficiency and even structural damage to your home can occur. Yikes!

So Let’s take a look at a few common roof leak culprits:

5 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

  1. Damaged Shingles
  2. High winds, heavy rains, and hail storms can all do a number on your roof, resulting in damaged, dislodged or even missing shingles. This can leave the underlayers of your roof exposed, which with continued exposure to the elements, will lead directly to roof leaks. We definitely advise you to check on the integrity of your shingle’s after any major storms or heavy winds!

  3. Loose, Cracked or Rotting Shingles.
  4. Have you ever asked yourself, "How long does a roof last?" No matter how high of quality your shingles are, no roof shingles last forever. And after 20 to 30 years, you will start to see signs of aging such as cracking or rotting. If your roof is nearing its life expectancy, it’s especially important that you get it inspected by a local roofing contractor. It’s possible that your roof may only need repairs at this moment, and if properly done, it can extend the life of your roof for a few more years, giving you enough time to save up for the unavoidable roof replacement down the road.

  5. Dislodged Roofing Nails
  6. Roofing Nails can sometimes back out of your roof and leave small holes behind. When this happens, despite being small holes, they create an easy path for water to leak into your home. These little holes are easy to miss by the inexperienced and untrained eye, but an experienced roofer can catch this issue early on and help prevent costly and destructive damage down the road or even a premature roof replacement.

  7. Cracked Flashing or Rubber “Boots”
  8. Plumbing vents, skylights, or anything that protrudes from your roof, require flashing or a rubber “boot”. Flashing is made of metal, while boots are made of rubber. Any cracking or rotting to these materials can break the protective seal between your roof and walls, plumbing vents, skylights, and more. Rainwater will then start to leak into your attic or ceiling. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule and making timely repairs will help to spot these problems before they become minor roof leaks or major roof repairs and replacement projects!

  9. Clogged Gutters
  10. Gutters serve a very important role in making sure that water travels away from your roof during any rainstorms or melting of snow and ice during Nebraska winters. If your gutters are clogged, the rain or melting snow will pool in one area of your roof, causing an unnecessary strain on your roof resulting in leaks and a weakened roof. This water damage can also lead to water damage inside your homes ceilings!

Not EVERY roof leak is a direct result of the 5 culprits we’ve listed above. And perhaps the biggest challenge to fixing a roof leak, is finding it! Your best bet is to contract the assistance of a professional roofing contractor.


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