From time to time parents have asked me, "Why do you volunteer or coach soccer?"

Ever since I was a kid, as far back as I can remember,
Soccer has always been my passion.

Every Sunday my dad took me to the stadium to watch a soccer match. Besides the tactics and the game itself, the chance to mentor young people is pretty special for me, since I am fascinated with leadership and leadership styles. I am far from a perfect coach. I make mistakes. However, I always try to have the kids best interest in mind. I believe there is an opportunity to model the positive behavior we expect from our children.

I want my players to believe anything is possible in life with a little hard work, determination and sacrifice. That, to me, is what soccer is about: hard work. Think about the effort that goes into manufacturing a goal sometimes. Players have to understand each other, work together, communicate effectively. A lot of the same skills they will need at a work place later on in their life.


As a business owner I have had the opportunity to sponsor many teams in different sports, but being able to donate my own time is pretty awesome. I sacrifice time with my family, my business and friends to take kids to the next level.

Lincoln, Nebraska has been a great place to raise a family and I want to play my part in helping the community continue to be like this.

Coach Arroyo

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Christmas Dream


"Many years ago my wife and I came to the conclusion that we are blessed in many ways. And from our hearts, we felt the need to give to those less fortunate, specially during the Christmas season. In the search for a new way of engaging with our community, Arroyo Roofing created the Christmas Dream. This initiative is a unique way of getting people together to help families in need and their children. Watching my own kids opening gifts in Christmas is pretty cool but the feeling that comes from watching a kid that wasn't expecting any presents is priceless."

-Marco Arroyo